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Newtownbutler Primary School, Newtownbutler, Enniskillen, Co Fermanagh

School Aims

We want our pupils to:

  • Develop the attitudes, characteristics and self-belief to tackle any challenges in future life
  • Enjoy their time at school
  • Be recognised as individuals
  • Develop good relationships and lasting friendships
  • Recognise and celebrate diversity
  • Develop and apply moral values
  • Acquire the skills, commitment and resilience to become successful, independent life-long learners
  • Take responsibility for leading themselves and others
  • Receive recognition and praise for their efforts and achievements in all areas of school life
  • Be active members who contribute to the school and wider community
  • Accept hard work and discipline as requirements for success

We want our staff to:

  • Receive innovative and effective training
  • Be supported, cared for, challenged and valued
  • Feel trusted and empowered to take risks in the classroom
  • Have opportunities to develop and fulfil their potential in leading the school and their own professional development
  • Participate in, contribute to and benefit from partnerships beyond the school
  • Be a cohesive group with time and opportunities to develop partnerships and relationships with others within school
  • Enjoy their work and find it fulfilling